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How to Promote Yourself!

Promoting you. Where do you start? What's your niche? How do you stay consistent? What will appeal to others? Let me start from the beginning. It was all an idea. I had a Cricut, but it was collecting dust in the closet. I initially purchased one to make small wooden signs for weddings. I whipped it out a few times here and there, but always put it back in the closet until next time. In March 2019, I wanted to take a stab at making shirts for co-workers at the local bar I worked at. It was St. Patty’s and I thought it’d be cute to have everyone in matching T’s to celebrate the holiday – not realizing that everyone would order...

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Why I switched from Etsy to Shopify!

The daunting question as a new business, right? What e-commerce website is going to be the best for YOUR niche? Well, I don't exactly have the "right" answer for that, but I can certainly share why I chose to make the switch.. The most important question, WHAT COSTS MORE? While Etsy has no monthly subscription fee…they do a great job making up for it elsewhere.Listing Fee - .20 cents EVERY TIME you sell an itemIn short, this means not only does it cost .20 cents to list your item, but if you are set up for automatic re-list, you will get charged .20 cents every time you sell the item (to re-list it). Which can add up pretty quickly if you presume...

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