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Meet the Maker

The word “Maker” has been a huge part of my life.
I wasn’t that graduate who knew where I wanted to go to college, or what I wanted to be when I grew up - this weighed heavy on me for a very long time. I battled whether or not I was worthy or capable of being someone or accomplishing something. I racked up so many student loans because I just couldn’t decide. I finally had enough, compiled all my credits and completed my business degree - at least this was a small step forward. I tried the 9-5 and no matter what I did, I was ALWAYS miserable every damn day. I realized I needed activity, hands on, challenges.
Fast forward, I began dabbling in many aspects of creativity - photography, paint, make-up. It was then, I thought I figured it out. I went all in and received my Esthetic’s license. I watched you-tube, practiced on friends, then proceeded in tackling weddings. Again, I got to the moment where it just didn’t feel right; AGAIN. I felt defeated. I knew creative was me, but didn’t know how to find the right niche.
I went through a rough patch in my life which led me to building, and led me to LIZZY (@thehouseoftimber). I felt SO thrilled to wake up every day and find plans and build furniture and custom signs - I knew I was getting closer and then, thats what brought me HERE. I dusted off the Cricut in my closet and started testing the waters, and holy sh** did it all happen fast. I made shirts for my co-workers at the local bar I work at and thats when it started feeling right! From then on I put in so much of my spare time to really give this a go, and holy crud am I grateful.
A few short months later and I can not BELIEVE how far this little company has come. I get tired, and I get back up again. I fight every day, I tell myself you’ll be okay AND I have you guys! How lucky am I?! I still can’t believe I’M helping others while still learning myself. This is all so new but finally, IT FEELS RIGHT. I continue to move forward, and I’m so excited to feel like I fit into such an AMAZING community.